On-Going Support


Our team will work closely with participants, all managers, leaders and relevant stakeholders to gather input, inform development plans, and to ensure that our methods align well with your culture, values, and objectives. We provide ongoing communication and support, as well as regular “check-in” meetings and reviews, and we work with you to evolve the development plan as needed over time.

  • Employee Retention Support — We know you care about keeping your employees happy and engaged. Human Capital Solutions provides affirmation, support, and guidance for your employees as we work to enhance and expand their natural talent and encourage them to grow in their roles.
  • Assessment of Future Needs — What kind of talent does your organization contain currently? What talents and skills will you need in five years? Ten? Knowledge is the first step in the talent assessment and management process. Lay a solid foundation for your organization by identifying a talent pool of future leaders and key contributors with the capacity to run your business. Don’t confuse performance with potential. Our team will show you how to use scientific assessment data to inform your leadership development and succession planning processes.
  • Professional Assessment Guidance — Psychometric assessments can greatly assist your organization in the talent management process. With Human Capital Solutions, you have ongoing access to expert advice on the appropriate use of these assessments. Our experienced psychologists will recommend suitable assessments to measure all aspects of your organization’s talent, potential and areas of development. We provide professional reviews and guidance on the best use of psychological assessment for talent development, employee selection, team dynamic optimization, external hiring and placement. We offer our considerable expertise in the talent management process so that you can focus on running your business.
  • Consulting — Perception informs attitude. How will your employees feel about the talent management process? Human Capital Solutions will help you manage the perception of your talent review process from start to finish. We help you develop your talent management policy and process by prioritizing several factors. We put a talent management communication strategy in place and establish a process for feedback; we provide guidelines and support for a personal development plans; we coach and assist managers on facilitation career development discussion; and we help manage promotions, placements, successions and more.

We provide professional support structured around 3-month, 6-month or 12-month timeframes.

Save time and hassle by having our experts manage your talent management and career development process.