Career Paths & Succession Management


Aligning your business needs with your existing talent pool is all about precision. It’s about getting the right people into the right roles at the right time to do the right work. All organizations are made up of different levels of work complexity. The strength of Human Capital Solutions’ assessment and development process stems from our focus on measuring the inherent complexity within the accountability structure of various organizations.


Work is mostly a mental process. People are most effective doing work that they value when the complexity of work matches their own values, interests, personality and capabilities. We believe in creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to do work that matches their individual capabilities.

Have you ever wondered whether an individual’s outstanding performance is an accurate predictor of their future potential? With our scientifically reliable, valid and predictive process, one person can be accurately matched against several roles or a group of people can be matched to one particular role to inform your internal hiring, placement, restructuring or succession initiatives.

Strategic talent pool development begins with identifying and developing existing talent to match the requirements of future positions. To create a strong leadership pipeline in your talent pool, we will assist in proactively preparing individuals for roles that are one, two or even three levels ahead of their current placement. For some, this journey of development will begin with getting accepted into a talent or leadership development program. Others may need help to optimize their potential for a lateral career move within the organization. Human Capital Solutions will come alongside you to determine the best approach to developing talent in your organization and to facilitate these processes. Our professionals will assist you in a holistic approach to workforce planning and provide you with talent mapping aligned to your business strategy and goals.