Talent Assessment


Human Capital Solutions goes above and beyond current industry standards of using job-fit assessments and competencies to provide the most effective approach to identifying and developing talent. For us, talent assessment is about more than merely analyzing an individual’s competencies and suitability for a particular job. It is about providing a deep and thoughtful analysis of person-role suitability at any level of work complexity within the organization.

Our professional team has a proven track-record with the results to support this role-suitability model. Our well-researched and evidence-based systematic process is not only based on a solid theoretical framework, but delivers real results. We have taken care in using scientifically valid, reliable and accurate predictors of performance so that you can sit back and relax, knowing we are using a credible and highly effective method.


At Human Capital Solutions, we recognize that all organizations are unique. Our approach is designed in such a way that we optimize strategic and key talent against future risk. In lay terms, this means that we begin with the end in mind. During our initial consultation, we pay careful attention to your needs and concerns and discuss how to best achieve the specific benefits and outcomes you are looking for.

Similarly, all job and roles are unique. To fully understand the scope of the various positions and roles we will be assessing, we collaboratively analyze the specific requirements of the position within the context of the organization. This process is facilitated by using a 360-online questionnaire to create a realistic benchmark for the role.

Finally, we recognize that all people are unique. We know that, as an employer, you are already using or have used various forms of assessment, whether they be performance feedback evaluations, manager appraisals, tenures, or resume and reference reviews. We don’t seek to re-do or replace the assessments you are currently using, but instead to augment your logic and intuition by using our objective expert assessments alongside your own managerial judgment.


Our consultants and associates are professionals who are highly trained, certified and experienced in the use and interpretation of assessment methods and instruments. All assessors possess graduate degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and have years of experience in supporting businesses within a wide variety of industries.

We offer an integrated talent management process, from selection to development. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Accountability-based management
  • Requisite organization principles
  • Work environment study and analytics
  • Problem solving, decision making and judgment analysis
  • Performance expectations
  • Expected challenges and opportunities
  • Role-specific competencies, requirements, and potential derailers
  • Individual attributes needed for optimal performance in the role


Role Analysis – this standardized method helps determine what is needed from the role to be a successful organization. Responses generated from the discussion will be analyzed electronically with a special algorithm that will, upon analysis, provide several reports. These reports will match will match current or potential employees against various roles or match an entire group of individuals to one particular role in order to inform placement, restructuring or succession initiatives.


Cognitive Information Processing Capability – We know that different jobs and roles have different levels of complexity. And since each individual has a different capacity for managing complexity, uncertainty, volatility and ambiguity, it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of potential and current employees in order to place them into positions which they are best suited for. That’s why a cornerstone of our assessment process involves measuring your current or potential employees’ cognitive information processing capabilities. This assessment goes far beyond what the traditional verbal, numerical, general or critical reasoning that IQ and aptitude tests measure. Our model utilizes an extremely accurate computerized simulation to assess an individual’s natural capacity to solve problems in familiar and novel situations. In short, it evaluates content and contextual performance.

Personal Values and Role Engagement – Different roles have different requirements, demands and obligations. Employees cannot function effectively if their ambitions, motivations, beliefs, values and commitment are not aligned with the requirements of their role, or with the organization as a whole. Our assessments aim to provide individuals with a greater self-awareness of their own values, motivations and ambitions, and to help them thoughtfully consider whether these are aligned with the requirements of the role.

Personality and Behavior - Each person has a unique way of responding to situations. When it comes to the workplace, our behaviors can enhance or derail our productivity. It is important to understand our behavior and personality and to learn to self-manage any patterns that impair our ability to perform successfully in our role. Our assessments are designed to enhance the importance of personal professional development so you may unleash your potential.

Structured Behavior-based Interviews – These standardized competency or situational interviews are designed to assess an individual’s competency with aspects of a particular role. We use these interviews in order to increase the validity of the overall assessment results. Since interviews can be subjective in nature, our professionals are thoroughly trained in managing unconscious bias. We strive to ensure a fair and respectful process for everyone involved.


We use realistic role profiles and credible development plans that are validated. We apply a unique combination of knowledge, skills, experience and attributes that is tailored for the individual against specific role requirements. The end goal is to create value for the person, independent of their level of functioning. We assess each individual on their knowledge, skills and experience and we tailor this to the specific requirements of their position in the company.


Our high-quality, cost-effective assessments, fast and secure scoring systems, online delivery platform and extensive network of consultants allow us to provide both in-person and virtual assessments. We are pleased to accommodate projects of diverse scopes, budgets and timeframes. The Cognitive Information Processing assessment is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Polish.